by Anno Domini

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Debut album of Sydney based Metal band "Anno Domini"


released September 24, 2010



all rights reserved


Anno Domini Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Static
Trust the words of knowledgeable minds
A wealth of experience they hold

Their voices beckon to us
Bringing hell forth
Crushing. Dying.
Endless suffering
Buildings cast down
Empty. Thoughtless.
Fetal. Weeping.
Whatever stalls the pain

We won’t live long
To see the world you’ve chosen
Don’t bet anyone
Will bear the scars you’ve burdened
Fulfill dreams gone
There’s nothing here for us…them?
They have become a memory
What will they say when this comes to be
Standing in line it occurs to them to
They will all see what you don’t want them to see

There will be no end to starvation
Only collapse of civilization

In a dark place we’ll bury their own kind
Golden arches are forming in our minds
Look straight ahead; do not stray from the signs
With this temptress of ignorance we must dine

Their voices beckon to us
Bringing hell forth
Crushing. Dying.
Endless suffering
Buildings cast down
Empty. Thoughtless.
Fetal. Weeping.
Whatever stalls the pain

Static deafens those who can hear
Pure rays blind those who can just see
Immune to the torture bodies stagger on

The final intent becomes clear
The game we play to which we adhere
Mortals break the bounds of which they fear
Track Name: Breathe Deep The Ash
Rising through the tides
Beating at the heart of the wicked ones
Arms stretched forth, bearing us toward
Fortune and reward
A faceless soul we all know called fear

Fear robs your voice
It takes away your choice
And leads us to a place with nothing but faces
And people just like us
Hopeless and soulless
No guidance, no conscience
Just lifeless, worthless shells

Writhing, Bleeding and dying

It’s happened: the decent to black
Take nothing…Attack!
Breathe deep the ash
Blisters lungs and makes us delirious
For some it shows weakness
Back then we were promised transcendence

The end will not come soon
Instead it makes us look like fools
Tormented by relentless ghouls
We’re force fed by this bodiless voice

For us it drives us to grieve
And then we try, we try not to bleed
Is this the time, the time we hope to conquer
Breathe back life into these force-fed memories

Human kind nears its extinction
No birth without execution
Or error without correction
No unforeseen retribution
This world has now been purified
Of the wretched human genome
They are a plague unto themselves
We stand by

The time is right
The time has come
To bleed this night
And bang this drum
We’ll make this time a lasting one
Until next time my mind is gone

We have all been brought here by you
Your voiceless words they precede you
Seductive temptress, rational thought gone
Blissfully ignorant to what’s going on…
Track Name: Obliteration
Life is nothing
Filled with nothing
You just cannot go on living
Endless torture brought upon you
It will defeat you
Torn and divided
Failure creeping
Die within
This is the end

It has been written on the stone
That you will fall into nothing
Give me something
Amongst the ruins of this place we lie
Waiting for the chance to rise
It never comes
We never see what could be
Leave us be
Oblivion creeps into the minds of us
Leaving us doomed

It will not be this way for much longer
It will not be this way forever
I can feel it coming now
The rise of those who care

Prepare to be shattered…
Prepare for obliteration…

Do you remember
What was written on the stone?
It states that they will rise to bring you down
Which part of this can you not see?
You have fucked us and now you’ll be
Forever a travesty
Just burn now
Leave us be
Which part of this is not clear?
You are not welcome here
We will rise to watch you fall
We will stand above you all

Prepare to be shattered…
Prepare for obliteration…
Track Name: What Lies Inside
Wasting time on frozen memories
Breathes life into wasted enemies
Crouched here waiting for them to be
Something more than “wait and see”
In this place it feels like it’s just the same
Confusion at the sights we see
Knowing everything is just the same
We wait here, patiently

Thunderous sounds calling from the underground
Deep voices that breed pure heresy
Lay awake dwelling on the realm of nothingness
My brain is on a loop and just can’t seem
To put a stop to these thoughts of fury
Spellbinding, intoxicating
Rotting at the core of a soul that was one good
Full and whole

Painful reminder
Of what we bear
Painful reminder…
This heaving chest…

What lies inside will tear apart your sanity
Will feast upon your last remnants of dignity

We walk towards our end
Not theirs
The kindness we share
An echo of mere distain

We walk towards our end
Not theirs
The lies that we share
An echo of mere despair

We will come to find
The way forward
The path towards the end is paved in gold
What lies inside…fear lies inside…
Track Name: Prophecy
We are the righteous ones
Cast down from your kingdom
Come Into the light of the burning sun

Now enter this Dark Age
That’s long been prophesized
A time when all of your ideals
Will sure be crucified

Walk Down the shadowed path
See the demons curse and laugh
All of your thoughts turn to dust

Curse this new era
And all that came before
Degenerate this moral code
Bear witness to the fall
Fooled now by these false ideals
And slowly led astray
Followed down this ruined path
That forms into decay

But we will not fall
As all that was said comes to pass
This world lay in ruin with the ghost of fallen past

Endless drones calling thy name
Feeding on your weakened souls
All in vein
Correct assumptions
Forgotten minions
Bludgeoned loved ones

Apocalypse demon
Bring your reign forth

No end comes to his rule
The last age of man
Form a pattern
Of swirling black

Apocalypse demon
Bring your reign forth
Correct assumptions
Forgotten minions
Bludgeoned loved ones
Kali Yuga